2019 Review: Thanks to all!

Is it too late to review last year and thank everyone? Nah!

2019 saw:

  • Another great year with my wonderful wife who coped like a champion with EDS, POTS, and our crazy toddler, while studying nutrition.
  • It was amazing to see our one-year-old develop into a fully-walking person from a mostly-crawling thing.
  • It was a serious challenge to carry out 2 x 9 hour TUI flights with a toddler/baby. But it was a great Mexico holiday. Advice to parents: travel with kids between 1 and 6 months, then never again!
  • We enjoyed becoming ‘bad-vegans‘ – staying away from animal products most of the time.
  • Mum’s slightly delayed 70th birthday party was fun. Great to see so many family-friends, and family while our little one was sick!
  • Another hot-tub OJ-barbecue-gathering with school-friends from Belgium.
  • The continued growth of my DJ agency business Storm DJs – who’d have thought I’d be sending DJs to Saudi Arabia?
  • Thanks to the Norwich Vipers basketball team who had to endure my geriatric ball skills for another year.
  • Thanks to the Three phone network for saving my home broadband when BT decided to return to dial-up speeds.
  • Introduction of full-on garden composting. Feels good not to throw absolutely everything away into landfill.
  • The house got a bit ‘smarter’ with Robovac, a few more Yi cameras, and Sonoff connected sockets.
  • I managed to start this blog to empty my head daily (or most days at least).
  • We saw 2 new amusing nephew-babies come into our family within a few weeks of one another!
  • We successfully continued using Airbnb to rent out a studio space in our house.