A week or so and our toddler can go to nursery again…

It’s going to be an interesting concept:

  • How do toddlers socially-distance? They don’t.
  • Will they be safe? The toddlers will. The teachers will be the ones in the risky position.
  • Will it encourage the spread of diseases etc? Of course
  • I assume the nursery will have a lot more regular hand-washing, smaller group sizes, and other small changes. But we can’t assume it’s going to be a perfect solution.

Imagine if we had this system implemented:


I almost forgot Channel 4’s Brexit film is a perfect depiction of Dominic Cummings

Last year’s impressive yet tragic film about how Brexit happened by Channel 4 was spot-on with its depiction of Dominic Cummings- the evil brains behind winning the Brexit vote. The cold, calculating, and non-human role was performed by Benedict Cumberbatch- well worth a watch:


I was surprised by the amount of buying activity on eBay during lockdown

At the start of lockdown I assumed that no-one would be buying anything online (apart from essentials on Amazon etc). So I didn’t bother trying to sell anything on eBay.

However, I was pleasantly surprised when most of the bits I put up for sale went pretty fast. Not only that, the pricing reflected market rates with no exceptional discounts in place. So I’ve been selling as much as I can right now to keep us afloat.

Given the predictions about the current economy I sort of feel there must just be more disposable income available for some people (furlough payments + no commuting + no leisure activity/travel spend?)


Looking forward to my RBS bank account sign-up bonus (30 days left to pay-up guys)

Pre-pandemic I signed up to the introductory £175 for a new bank account from RBS… here’s a friendly reminder that I’m still waiting for my sign-up bonus. 30 days to go until the deadline 🙂


Current state of ‘safe’ supermarket shopping

With the continued lack of available supermarket deliveries in my area I was forced to visit my local large Tesco a couple of days ago…

What I witnessed was the same signs/notices that have been up for a while: ‘limited number of people allowed in the shop’, ‘keep 2m apart’ as well as clear arrows down each aisle guiding people to keep to the one-way rule.

However the problem was that (a) There seemed to be hundreds of people in the shop (as if the security staff had given up counting) – no queue outside (picture above is from when I visited a month ago, and (b) about 10% of the people in there were not following any guidance (too close to each other and going the wrong way up the aisles).

It was a sad and frustrating thing to see this kind of behaviour at this time. But given the nonsensical rules from our inept government, I shouldn’t be surprised by the result…


Best ever basketball documentary: The Last Dance

Definitely worth a watch is Netflix’s documentary about Michael Jordan: the basketball legend. Even if you’re not a basketball fan it’s pretty interesting and gripping!



Thoughts on UK’s Corona-cock-up

A continuation of what I’ve witnessed being in the UK re coronavirus, covid, lockdown etc:

  • We now live in the 2nd worst affected country in the world after the US.
  • The number of total deaths in the UK in 2020 is over double that of 2019.
  • The government has been incredibly vague, lazy, unfocussed, and downright outrageous in its handling of the crisis.
  • Today’s ‘stay alert’ instead of ‘stay at home’ advice adds to the vagueness and will encourage more killing.
  • The UK has ignored any type of collaboration with the EU: it had to create its own mobile tracing app, and it did not accept participation any PPE schemes.
  • Despite everything, the government is still kicking migrants out of the country; refusing to recognise the NHS as anything valuable (just give them a clap); and pushing for no-deal Brexit behind the scenes.
  • I have also witnessed what appears to be an incredible new leader come to power on the other side (labour) – Keir Starmer. I’m sure that if this man was leading the country right now we would be in a much better position with thousands fewer deaths.

It’s the lockdown, so I created The Lockdown Shop

Thinking about the situation we’re in (entertainment/hospitality industries on hold), and the fact that I like recommending products (se my previous posts), I thought I’d go and create a UK online store with the aim of being the go-to place for online shopping during this- and any future- lockdown situation.

The Lockdown Shop is divided into all the key product categories with top-10s for each (home exercise equipment, DIY tools, gardening equipment, technology, and more) to ensure smart buying choices.

All the 100-ish items listed have been chosen by me and recommended by the general public (all have 10+ public reviews upwards of 4 stars with an average of 4.6). I can guarantee there will be something useful to you so take a look through.

As the site is pretty fresh, let me know if you’ve got any suggestions re the layout, the products or product categories.


I’m thankful for Jamie’s lockdown shows!

Basically Jamie Oliver is a complete star: he’s continued his cooking shows through the pandemic. He’s fully-isolated. No studio, no staff, just him, his wife and all the kids helping out. He tries to encourage the art of swapping in ingredients based on what may -or may not -be left in your fridge and store-cupboards.

Obviously there’s a bit of editing by some remote staff to clean it up, but he does a fantastic job of presenting his ideas/hacks to the TV/Internet viewers.

Link to the series:


For those who have never used Cashback sites before…

I can’t believe I haven’t recommended this already. I’ve been a fan of cashback as a money-saving concept for over 15 years now. Quidco is the absolute best that I’ve used to date.

Over the last couple of years I’ve earned around £1,000 from simply clicking through to the sites that I was going to use anyway.

For example: I click through Quidco every time I need to renew car insurance, house insurance, renew a phone contract, or basically any time I need to buy anything online.

I login, find the retailer name, then click through to generate the cashback. You’ll usually have to wait a few months before you can withdraw it to your bank account as it has to be tracked, but it’s well worth the wait.

Click through and sign-up now for an immediate £5 cashback just for clicking my link here. Easy cash for everyone.