A year and a half of AI

As 2024 unfolds, AI’s profound influence on my business and personal growth is clear. In just over a year, it’s reshaped key aspects of my professional and personal life (especially as I’m such a geek).

Enhanced Business Efficiency

AI has revolutionised my business operations. Tasks that used to consume time are now efficiently automated. From coding upgrades to data analysis, AI’s role in streamlining processes has been invaluable, allowing more focus on strategic growth at Storm DJs.

New Google?

Gone are the days of lengthy online searches with Google. AI-powered tools provide rapid, precise information, crucial for making informed decisions swiftly in a dynamic business environment. Perplexity is the most respected AI search tool so far!

Improved Coding Skills

Inspired by AI’s capabilities, I’ve substantially improved my coding skills using codecademy, delving into Python, JavaScript, and CSS. This knowledge lets me customise AI tools for my specific needs, blending technical skill with user insight.


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