Best Bikes for the Lockdown (currently on Amazon)

I thought I’d put a quick list together of all the absolute best top-rated bikes available to buy during the pandemic lock-down. (Something I had time to sit down and get done!) Obviously if you’ve already got all the fully-working bikes you need then this list doesn’t apply to you, but there’s a lot of folk out there who need to know what the best options are to buy right now to either replace or upgrade their current bicycle(s).

For toddlers-to-small-children:

The RoyalBaby with stabilisers (4.6 Star Rating)

For children who have graduated from stabilisers:

The NDCENT Flier BMX (4.4 Star Rating)

The city-dweller’s ideal electric bike:

The Windgoo Moovway 12 Incher (4.5 Star Rating)

The unisex all-terrain bike:

The Ancheer 2019 250W (4.8 Star Rating)

The alternative all-terrain e-bike:

The BUNAO 26 Inch 36V (4.3 Star Rating)

For serious non-electric bikers with cash to burn:

SAVA Carbon Phantom 3.0 (4.5 Star Rating)


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