Tim ferriss

Big thanks to Tim Ferriss

I have to thank this guy via a blog post as I don’t think there’s a way to thank him in person.

Basically Tim has been a guiding light over the last 10 years! He has imparted so much life and business knowledge, and so many hacks that I owe him big time.

Ever since I left the corporate rat-race system and started up on my own, his key publication The 4 Hour Work Week has worked wonders. Not that I work for 4 hours a week, but just that the philosophies and practices within have been inspirational and enlightening.

Tim has continually pushed the boat out to impart with more and more wisdom and knowledge through interviewing the most powerful and fascinating people in the world.

So thank you Tim as you have formed a huge part of my learning over the last ten years! Here’s to even more into the future.

*If you ever want to learn how to DJ or visit the UK again let me know and I’ll sort you out!