Current state of ‘safe’ supermarket shopping

With the continued lack of available supermarket deliveries in my area I was forced to visit my local large Tesco a couple of days ago…

What I witnessed was the same signs/notices that have been up for a while: ‘limited number of people allowed in the shop’, ‘keep 2m apart’ as well as clear arrows down each aisle guiding people to keep to the one-way rule.

However the problem was that (a) There seemed to be hundreds of people in the shop (as if the security staff had given up counting) – no queue outside (picture above is from when I visited a month ago, and (b) about 10% of the people in there were not following any guidance (too close to each other and going the wrong way up the aisles).

It was a sad and frustrating thing to see this kind of behaviour at this time. But given the nonsensical rules from our inept government, I shouldn’t be surprised by the result…


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