It’s the lockdown, so I created The Lockdown Shop

Thinking about the situation we’re in (entertainment/hospitality industries on hold), and the fact that I like recommending products (se my previous posts), I thought I’d go and create a UK online store with the aim of being the go-to place for online shopping during this- and any future- lockdown situation.

The Lockdown Shop is divided into all the key product categories with top-10s for each (home exercise equipment, DIY tools, gardening equipment, technology, and more) to ensure smart buying choices.

All the 100-ish items listed have been chosen by me and recommended by the general public (all have 10+ public reviews upwards of 4 stars with an average of 4.6). I can guarantee there will be something useful to you so take a look through.

As the site is pretty fresh, let me know if you’ve got any suggestions re the layout, the products or product categories.


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