My Concise Politics Review of 2019

Politics: I’m not sure what politicians actually did apart from blabber on about Brexit all year. It’s like it was another year off from real work for them.

General election: The intelligent/informed liberal-ish class underlined that voting for Conservative was going to be disastrous considering the current government and the push for Brexit from their side.

However, the masses were tipped towards Conservative voting because the Tory advertising and marketing strategies were (unfortunately) a lot stronger than the alternatives. They promised to finalise Brexit ‘fast’ (an easy win for Brexiteers), and convinced the masses that the alternative (Corbyn) was an ‘evil’ person.

At this stage all we can do is hope and pray that things go vaguely smoothly into 2020 and beyond as we get slowly cut off from the EU.

PM Boris’ Xmas message by sums up his victory: