My life in Coronavirus 29/03/20

So the UK is well into the coronavirus-season now, and this is a summary of my experience to date.

  • Lockdown for us has consisted of me, my pregnant wife, our 2-year old, my wife’s 60-ish year-old parents all living together at the in-laws’ house. I am so thankful that we are in the suburbs, have a reasonable space to (permanently) live in, and a garden.
  • Given there is no childcare anywhere now, we all have a strict daily timetable for each looking after our toddler. 1-1.5 hour slots throughout the day.
  • I’ve been the allocated weekly supermarket shopper, despite the in-laws still gagging to get to shops too. The supermarkets have only just enforced strict entry rules (5 days ago).
  • My Limited company has been fully put into a state of ‘pause’ along with the entire entertainment industry. It has been offered no governmental support because of it’s director structure and lack of premises.
  • Building work on our house extension has now been suspended until further notice.
  • The government has been reckless with it’s rules and guidance, and insodoing has killed a lot of people. Too many ‘shoulds’ not enough ‘musts’.
  • The government has not been logical in any way with regards to helping the NHS cope with the mess. Very rare testing, and no PPE (personal protection equipment) means the NHS staff are at serious risk.
  • Overall Boris Johnson together with is muppet side-kick Dominic Cummings have been weak and pathetic.
  • I’ve also been thankful for the beautiful weather in the UK over the last week. It helped to lift many people’s spirits.


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