My No.1 Baby & Toddler Hack: screen-lock for iPhone & iPad

It’s been something that has become a standard part of our life over the last 2 years, but it is a serious hack for any babies and toddlers you hand an iPad or iPhone.

The screen lock functionality is built in to all IOS hardware, so it’s a genuine free hack to make sure the little ones stay in a specific app or game, and don’t accidentally press the (only) button close it!

Activate ‘guided access’ to enable an on-demand screen lock by going to Settings / Accessibility / Guided Access. There’s a whole bunch of options, but at its most basic you will just have to triple-click the home button to switch it on or off when you’re inside any app.

Below I do a quick screencast showing how to activate ‘guided access’, and another showing what it looks like when you turn it on and then off again (while Peppa pig is on). Simple, but effective.

Oh, and don’t forget a nice protective cover for any iPad you hand over. This is the version that has served us well!


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