People of the UK have voted for their own Trump…

I am truly astounded that the UK public actually voted for their own version of Donald Trump. Boris Johnson is basically the same concept: and he successfully managed to convince the working-class that he is going to help them in some way. Mainly through lies.

With a very large marketing budget, and a briefcase full of lies, the brains of the non-thinkers have been warped into thinking that Boris Johnson is their best leader. Wow, now that’s the power of heavy-handed marketing (especially when you can use Facebook data).

I would have thought, after all we have seen regarding the Brexit car-crash together with the lies he clearly used then, that would be reason enough to vote against him. Perhaps I was just too logical in my thinking.

So onward we go, to make the UK ‘Great’ again(?) with a sell-off of the NHS, Scottish and Northern Irish independence, and a complete free-trade cut-off from the EU.