Thank you Google

Google gets a lot of bad press and people slagging it off, but the things that it has done to affect most of our lives is incredible. Below are the mostly-free products which I am thankful for as they have all been a key part of my life:

  • Google Search – where would we be without it? Stuck with Bing?
  • Google Maps – such a solid performer with little competition, both as a reference site and a navigation app.
  • Google Photos – I remember making the switch about 5 years ago and never looking back. Free storage for everyone is a big pull.
  • Gmail – Wow it’s been about 10 years for me now since I moved over from an ‘offline’ email solution. Incredible.
  • Google Ads – serving my businesses with new customers since 2010! The only part of Google that I pay for, but worth it.
  • Google Chrome browser – this is one we need to move on from now to things like Firefox, but it is still a great performer.