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What happens to my home insurance when I get an extension built?

If you’re planning of having an extension built, you might be wondering what happens to your current house insurance. We hadn’t really thought about it at all, and assumed our current house insurance would still be valid. Big no-no! As soon as you know you’re going to have an extension or building work done in or around your house you’ve got to check with your home insurance company.

We told ours and found out the works would make our current insurance invalid… so we had to shop around for an insurance company that covered the works (as well as providing a standard home insurance cover).

After what seemed like endless calls we finally found the ultimate solution which would cover everything (including our Airbnb section of the house). Homeprotect came up trumps, even though the excess is super-inflated during the building works (£1,000!) The year-long policy which covered the building over 3 months came out at around £600 (approx double our usual insurance cost – but worth it).

* As an added heads up, make sure your builders contract (if you have one) does not include anything stating that you should be responsible for material theft or any form of liability waiver.


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