When will we get a proper 5G mobile router?

At the time of writing this post there only seems to be 1 5G mobile router out there: the Huawei 5G CPE Pro. As this product is holding the monopoly it seems we should expect some alternatives soon. But when?

What I’m hoping for is a nice upgrade from the incredible and solid B525 (4G), with VOIP, regular antenna plugs and enough LAN ports on the back. The 5G CPE Pro appears to have only a couple of LAN ports, some odd antenna plugs and no VOIP.

Also because of the lack of alternatives the CPE Pro has a pretty crazy price-tag at the moment (£400 vs £125 for the B525).

The reviews on Amazon for the CPE Pro do seem pretty positive when you dig down to the details. Each one reporting increased Internet speeds even with no 5G access yet (some significant jumps, other smaller increases). The only negatives are about Huawei’s customer service, issues using the 2 LAN ports, and the antenna sizes.

I guess we just need to wait a few months and something better will turn up.