chamonix property service charge thieves

When your property agent adds £2k to your service charge during COVID19 pandemic…

Some things wind me up slightly, but this one is an absolute corker. My property management agent (Chamonix aka Shambles-Nix) has added close to a whopping £2k to this year’s service charge, at the precise time when no-one (normal) has spare cash due to the Corona pandemic.

Why have they added so much? Due to the UK’s property cladding crisis (which was caused by Grenfell). The building was identified as requiring a new outer layer installed.

Is it an actual charge? No. It is just a ‘reserve’. This is the point that really stings. If it was actually something that had happened, and required payment then fair enough. But the company seriously think that at the start of the biggest crisis in recent history, it is viable and sensible to add this incredibly large ‘estimate’ to the service charge.


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