Dealing with Money Launderers

While running Storm DJs I have come across a multitude of money launderers (and luckily have not been a part of it). This week was no exception.

What usually happens: a random person, usually with questionable grammar and spelling skill, gets in touch to ‘book a DJ’. Their initial query is always extremely vague (forgetting to tell us the event date or location), but one of the key questions they always ask is whether we ‘accept credit cards’.

Screenshot below of this week’s amusing email trail. For Google reference, the attempted money launderer’s email address came up as: and, and his name was David Mark but I’m sure he has many more email addresses and names up his sleeve.

Things to note below: not much in his query makes sense, and our reply to him with price was just to double-check whether he was a money launderer. As you’ll see from the final reply from him, it’s pretty obvious. I pity anyone who runs a business and gets sucked into this nonsense.


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