I love this podcast: The Pitch

I love The Pitch podcast – it’s sort of an American (audio) version of Dragon’s Den, but it’s a lot more realistic rather than sensationalist. Great for a podcast-dose of real investment pitches.

There is no fluff, and no ‘talking to the wall’ padding. The show is pretty close to the reality of actual (non-televised) pitches. I know this because of my limited real-life experience.

The only pitch that I ever took part in was for the original Dragon’s Den dragon: Rachel Elnaugh – way back in around 2011 (from what I remember) alongside my good friend from school Alex Sanson and his wife at the time Holly Helt. It was great fun, but we were pitching a very tough product to sell (a healthy fast-food outlet) with not enough personal commitment. Evidently we didn’t get the investment!


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