How I turned my doorbell into a smart one for £0

Following on from my post about smart smoke alarms, I have managed to make my current doorbell smart with just a touch of a button.

I found out through trial and error that my current £10 doorbell uses the 433Mhz radio frequency. I simply tried to pair it with my SONOFF RF Bridge box… and it worked to my delight.

Now every time someone rings my physical doorbell I get an instant notification on my phone! Bingo. Who needs an over-priced Ring doorbell system?

Evidently if needs be, I just load up one of my external Yi cameras to see and speak to anyone who triggers the doorbell.


3 responses to “How I turned my doorbell into a smart one for £0”

  1. Eric Avatar

    Please describe how you paired them as the bridge (433mhz) & bell (2.4ghz) operates on different frequencies.

    Also, once paired with the bridge, does the base still ring?

    1. Adam Avatar

      Hi Eric I’m not sure how it worked, but it works! The doorbell rings as usual, and then I get an IOS notification.

      1. Eric Avatar

        They are both on 433mhz, that is why it works. You may want to update your article.

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