Best VR Headset during Corona pandemic

Is Corona-induced self-isolation a good time to try VR?

Well my thinking is, if we’re going to be isolated from our friends and family then re-creating a virtual reality has got to be the next best thing… Sure Zoom, Facetime, and Whatsapp are nice, but creating some form of virtual landscape to meet in has got to be worth a shot. We’ve just got to get all our friends to choose a headset to join in the fun.

From my research you’ve got the below options:

  • VR using your current computer and adding on a headset. The leader in this realm is the original Oculus Rift. Note that you need a very powerful PC/Mac for this to work (£400-ish).
  • VR using your current smartphone, by slotting it into a headset. There doesn’t seem to be any clear winners in this category. Amazon has BNext and Destek as most top-rated right now at between £30-£40.
  • VR using a stand-alone headset (no need for any other hardware). Oculus are market leader here too, with the ‘Go’ (budget version), (£300-ish) and the Quest (bit more expensive version) (£500-ish)


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