More baby hacks (from dad’s perspective)

While it’s still in my mind, some other winning things that helped in the first 2 years of baby:

A play-pen – definitely good to keep the little one enclosed as she started to roll, and crawl everywhere. However it only lasted a few months before she started clambering up the sides trying to escape and getting frustrated. We had to retire it at around 9 months. We used one a ‘portable’ version which worked well as we could fold it away.

Sleeping bags – it might sound obvious, but a definite winner for our wee one who basically never kept still. Following on from swaddling, these were a life-saver.

Dummies / Pacifiers – totally controversial, but they worked for ours, keeping her happy and relaxed for sleep. Note that we used a clip too (for year 1) so that they didn’t lose the dummies.