My baby hacks so far

The products that worked for our baby from the start (now 2 years old), and which might work for you (no guarantees!) are listed below:

  • Sleepyhead sleeping pod for the newborn (to 6 months-ish) to peacefully sleep in while you get on with everything else! Portable and loved.
  • A top-rated sleigh cot for something that looks great, and that will last until they are about 2 (and possibly beyond if convertible).
  • A top-rated bouncer-seat – amazing comforting effect on the little one. We had one with an in-built vibrating element which seemed to make it even more effective.
  • Blackout film for baby’s bedroom windows. A life-saver to create blackout in their bedroom as they become more light-sensitive for sleeping.

More to come soon!