More terrible service from the world’s worst building management company

This week, the company that hiked my service charge by about £2k this year during a global pandemic, came out with a true example of top notch service.

I needed to get hold of a spare garage opener for the communal garage space. So I got in touch with Chamonix, and they kindly told me that they didn’t deal with garage openers and that I needed to contact the manufacturer instead. I followed their instructions, and the manufacturer thanked me for the email but said Chamonix was the only place I could get the fob from!

Back to Chamonix, and they told me that actually yes they had the keys in stock and that I just had to send them some money (£60 for a remote worth £20). I sighed, sent the payment via card, waited 2 days until they acknowledged and then said the key would be sent ‘tomorrow’.

Anyway, the next day came, and then at 5pm I received an email from them telling me that they actually didn’t have any keys in stock(!), and that I would be refunded.

So now I’m £60 down and still don’t have a key to access the property for which I’m paying a fortune in service charge.

You couldn’t make this stuff up.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Chamonix Estates is definitely the UK’s (if the not the world’s) worst building management company with a Google review rating of 1.4/5. Avoid them like the plague- or Covid19!


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