Vanity Awards Scam - The 1st London Wedding Awards 2020 - FINALIST NOTIFICATION

The ‘Industry Awards’ Scam

My business Storm DJs often gets emails/calls from ‘awards’ companies which invite us to ‘industry awards’. From the outset this concept seems nice, and perfectly logical as Storm is an industry leader. However, the reality of these so-called ‘awards’ is nothing but a con. Basically the only way to get an award is to pay a fee.

Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t paying a fee to be a candidate the same as paying for an award?

I’m fully aware that this type of activity occurs in many industries, and is the most biased and consumer-unfriendly guidance that exists.

I’ve attached a screenshot of a recent email we received with the same business model.

Wikipedia has defined such fake awards as ‘vanity awards’:

A useful full article by Jim Dee about the scam is here.


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