Bitcoin Coronavirus Investment Tip

Wow! Most cryptocurrencies are taking a tumble with Coronavirus. It’s a great time to invest!

For those of you who haven’t got any cryptocurrencies in your investment portfolio yet, I would say that right now is looking like a great time to invest! Crazy as it sounds, I’m confident you’ll get a fair amount of growth by just putting a little bit in.

I’ll place my theoretical bet right now:

1 BTC (1 Bitcoin) is currently worth £4706 with Coronavirus uncertainty… My bet is that this value in £GBP will get back up to £6000 in 6 months time giving a minimum of 27% profit to anyone who invests. I will revisit this post in 6 months to check back and see how far off I was…

BTW, I use the Coinbase app to buy/sell crypocurrencies.


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