Three UK Mobile Content Restrictions gone MAD

So yesterday I found that I couldn’t access 2 of my sites. This one (my blog), and Storm DJs East Anglia. After a bit of head-scratching I find that they were both fully-intact and perfectly error-free when I switched on my VPN!

I found out that somehow they have been listed as Adult-Content / Offensive and are not currently accessible through Three Mobile…

I phoned Three this morning to report it, and the India-based operator said he would ‘raise the case’ and ‘get it sorted’. I asked him how it would be sorted without the web addresses, and ‘it just would’.

Following on from this useless call, I sent an email to where you can send ‘appeals’. Let’s hope they sort it fast!

*Note I am writing this blog post on the WordPress app as I can’t access it any other way right now while on non-VPN Three.

See below for how this site looks:

This afternoon Three got back to me to tell me that they have to ‘review’ all new sites before they are allowed (which is plain rubbish as there are thousands of sites published daily). See their response below: