Why eBay is unfair to honest sellers

Yes it’s true I have sold £1 million worth of items on eBay through one of my previous businesses (PigFlog), but it’s also true that eBay continues to be very unfair to sellers.

I only occasionally use the platform to sell these days because of the issues that continue today.

I will quickly illustrate a scenario which recently happened to me.

I sold a pair of shoes for £150, which triggered a sale fee due to eBay of £25.20. The buyer never paid for the shoes after waiting for over a month, yet eBay still took the £25.20. I raised an ‘unpaid item case’ with eBay to contest this, then the case simply expired with no compensation to me.

It remains outrageous that they can get away with such behaviour, but it has continued for close to 20 years now!